Porter Cylinder Safety, Handeling & Awareness

Porter Cylinder Safety,

Handling and Awareness

Course duration - 3 hours

Qualification achieved - certification from Health Technical Ltd.

Refresher course required - Refresher or E-learning required annually

Health Technical Ltd. offers a 3 hour training course for Porters in the safe use and handling of Medical Gas Cylinders. The training includes both theoretical and practical elements and covers the following:

•The properties and hazards of medical gases

•The correct storage conditions for medical gases including oxygen storage.

•The identity of gas cylinders from cylinder colour coding and attached labels

•The safe transport of medical gas cylinders

•The correct PPE required for using and transporting medical gas cylinders

•Safely and correctly attach pin indexed and bull-nosed regulators to cylinders

•List the properties for a range of medical gases

This course is mandatory for all porters involved in the handling of medical gases in their everyday job.

After initial training a refresher or e-learning course should be accessed annually (1.5 hours).