Authorised Person (MGPS)

Authorised Person Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS)


Course duration - 5 Days


Qualification achieved - City & Guilds accreditation


Entry requirements - HNC or relevant work experience


Refresher course required - Every 3 years a 3 day Authorised Person MGPS Refrehser course should be undertaken.


Authorised Person MGPS Training Course Details:

The Authorised Person (MGPS) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the MGPS on their site(s). On large sites, there could be several Authorised Persons employed. In this situation, one Authorised Person should be appointed as the Coordinating Authorised Person with overall responsibility.

Over our 5 day course all candidates will learn the following duties of the Authorised Person:

- MGPS management on a daily basis – Control of contracts, work and documentation

- Ensuring MGPS compliance with national safety guidance and other (statutory) requirements

- Preparation/implementation/monitoring of an MGPS Operational Policy

- Provision of technical advice to system users and contractors

- Exhibiting specific technical skills

All teaching will incorporate relevant standards, such as HTM 02-01 and SHTM 02-01.

It is essential to identify an individual who will take on the responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Medical Gas Pipeline Systems and become the Authorised Person (MGPS).

After initial training an Authorised Person Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) refresher course should be undertaken.

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Authorised Person (MGPS)