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Competent Person 'Essentials' (MGPS)

Competent Person Essentials MGPS Training Course Details:

Course duration - 1 or 2 day

Qualification achieived - 1 day course certification from Health Technical Ltd. 2 day course City & Guilds accreditation.

Entry requirements - N/A

Refresher required - No

Health Technical Ltd. offers one day and two day Competent Person 'Essentials' (MGPS) training courses covering the Permit to Work system, Terminal Unit repair, Alarms and various medical gas plant systems. The training includes both theoretical and practical elements and covers the following:

•The properties and characteristics of medical gases

•Hazards to avoid when working with medical gases

•Medical gas Permit to Work system

•Terminal Unit repair, maintenance and testing

•Alarm pressure switch settings and adjustment

•Overview of medical gas plant including: Liquid oxygen systems, medical air compressors plant, medical vacuum plant and automatic manifold systems. 

Competent Person Essentials