DNO & DMO (Medical Gas Training)

Designated Nursing/Medical Officers


Course duration - 3 hours

Qualification achieived - certification from Heath Technical Ltd.

Entry requirements - N/A

Refresher required: Every 3 years

Health Technical Ltd. offers a 3 hour training course for Designated Nursing/Medical Officers in the safe use and handling of Medical Gas Cylinders as well as the use of probes in Terminal Units, AVSUs and the Permit to Work system. The training includes both theoretical and practical elements and covers the following: 

•The properties and hazards of medical gases

•The correct storage conditions for medical gas cylinders on wards

•The identity of gas cylinders from cylinder colour coding and attached labels

•The safe transport of medical gas cylinders with patients

•Responding to medical gas alarms

•Safely and correctly inserting and removing probes from Terminal Units

•Emergency actions when turning off AVSUs

•Description of Permit to Work system and the DNO/DMO’s role within it.

It is mandatory for all health care facilities to have a medical gas trained DNO/DMO.

A refresher course is required every 3 years (3 hours)